Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunny Mini-Adventure

Adventures are limited in the winter especially if you want to go motorcycling. As a result you do plenty of trip planning. But on occasion you do get the chance to get out.

So far winter in the Pacific Northwest has been unusually dry. Temperatures have been at or near normal. These favorable environmental conditions allow you to get out and at least do a "mini-adventure."  One such opportunity presented itself shortly after Christmas.  The day was sunny and temperatures were approaching the 50's F.  On a whim I made a plan for the following ride, er... "mini-adventure." The route starts and ends at the Starbucks on Marvin Rd.  Here is the route detail:

It was a great ride - warm (considering the time of the year), good roads, little traffic, and sunny. It was good to get out and do a ride on roads that I haven't been on for such a long time.  Here's a short video so you can see the ride for yourself.